Hello new home on the road! 

Well here she is! Our new to us toy hauler. It’s a 2015 Heartland Cyclone 3800. Can’t wait to enjoy the fun time with friends and family and be able to take the toys with us! 

We say goodbye to our Copper Canyon camper. 

Well we sold our camper today. Samantha and I both got a little emotional a time or two. I know it sounds crazy, but we really had some great times and made some wonderful memories in it with the kids. We spent the day cleaning it out and going through stuff.  Pretty crazy what you accumulate in a stretch of 10 years. We threw a bunch away and donated items to the new owners. The new owners are friends of ours and I know they will enjoy it! The picture below is us cleaning it out. 

Can’t wait to make memories in our new camper!

7-7-17 Piegeon Forge Trip

We left work early and took off for the mountains. We are staying at Riverbend Campground. Quiet little campground on the river. Headed to Hatfield and McCoys Dinner Show tonight!……….